Items Standard Capability
Layer count 1-20 layers
Laminates FR-4 / High-Tg FR4 / Aluminium / Copper
Prepreg PP7628 / 1080 / 2116 
Hybrid PCB FR4+PTFE / FR-4+Rogers
Finished board thickness 0.4mm - 4.0mm
Max Board Size 600*600mm
Min. board thickness 1 & 2 layer: 0.2mm,
4 layer: 0.6mm,
6 layer: 0.8mm,
8 layer: 1.2mm,
10 layer: 1.6mm,
12 layer: 2.0mm,
14 layer: 2.4mm,
16 layer: 2.8mm
Board thickness tolerance ± 10% (thickness >1.0mm)
± 0.1mm (thickness ≤1.0mm)
Finished copper thickness 0.5 OZ - 4.0 OZ
Finished copper 0.5 OZ 4/4mil
Finished copper 1 OZ 4/4mil
Finished copper 1.5 OZ 6/6mil
Finished copper 2 OZ 7/7mil
Finished copper 3 OZ 11/11mil
Finished copper 4 OZ 13/13mil
Hole diameter tolerance ± 3mil for PTH
± 2mil for NPTH
Hole location tolerance ± 3mil
Etch tolerance ± 20%
Slot dimension tolerance ± 0.15mm
Outline tolerance ± 0.13mm
depth tolerance
± 0.20mm
Impedance control tolerance ± 10%
Bow & twist ≤0.75%
Min. hole size 0.2mm(<0.2mm laser drilling)
Aspect/ratio 10:1
Soldermask brand Kuangshun
Soldermask color Green/white/black/yellow,
red/blue/matte green/matt Black/matt blue
Vias plugged with soldermask ≤0.50mm
Peelable mask Available, SD2954 or SD2955
Min. soldermask bridge width 6mil
Silkscreen brand Kuangshun
Silkscreen color white, black, yellow,red
HAL Available
Lead-free HAL Available
OSP Available
Immersion Gold / ENIG Available, min. 1u" / 2u" / 3u"
Immersion Silver  Available, 0.076-0.127um
Immersion Tin Available
Hard gold plated fingers Available, up to 50u"
Hard gold plated the whole PCB N/A
Impedance control (Coupon) Available, ±10%
Buried via Available, min. 0.15mm
Blind via Available, min. 0.1mm
Epoxy filled vias & plate over Available
Countersinks Available
Counterbores Available
Castellated holes Available, min. 0.6mm
Edge plating Available
Carbin Ink Available
Backdrilling Available
V-score / jump V-score Available, 30°/45°/60°
EDS Available


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