Quick-Term PCB Fabrication

Shorten lead time for prototype PCB can help R&D to verify design performance can help company to develop new product faster and lead the market quicker than others.

Standard PCB Lead time

Lead time means the time needed to fabricate PCB,not including EQ settle time.  It is counted from the second day when all EQ solved. Please note that it does not include holiday breaks.

Generally speaking, our lead time depends on your circuit design's complexity and your custom requirements. We're capable to prototype boards with 1-3 day under urgent lead time and 4-8 days under normal lead time. Please refer to the following table for detailed info. You may select your desired lead time when quoting online, we'll calculate the PCB cost based on your required lead time accordingly.


PCB Expedited Service

Plus Circuits offer shortest lead time on both prototype and mass production volume. Please check below our quickiest lead time available.

Require an urgent PCB order? Feel free to discuss your requirements with us at sales@pluscircuits.com.


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